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Debiki feature requests

By Piotr @user_1612013-06-19 09:45:08.709Z

Debiki feature requests.

[Edit: Nowadays please instead post each idea as a separate topic. /KajMagnus]

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    KajMagnus @user_1452013-10-19 14:50:54.576Z

    Swipe gestures.

    On my mobile phone, I've noticed that it's rather annoying to scroll back upwards and then to the right, to navigate to the next thread. Fix this by adding swipe gestures. For example, when a user swipes downwards, briefly show a shortcut button that navigates directly upwards-rightwards or to the next thread.

    Many more sensible swipe gestures are possible :-)

    1. UKajMagnus @user_1452014-02-04 18:46:17.311Z

      I tested with swipe gestures, but it didn't work particularly well. Instead, I'm reverting to a single column layout, for mobile phones.

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      In reply touser_161:
      Piotr @user_1612013-06-19 09:45:45.683Z

      Make it easy to edit one's own comments (including deleting them). For deleting it may be a "soft" delete as on StackExchange.

      1. UKajMagnus @user_1452013-06-19 21:05:44.324Z

        I think currently only moderators can delete comments. Of course I should fix this, so anyone can delete his/her own comment.

        Soft deletes seems reasonable: When I've deleted my comment, then no one else sees it, except for me and moderators. And we see an abbreviated version of it, marked as deleted. And there would be an Undelete button, + a Purge button (which really truly removes the comment forever).

        Isn't it already easy to edit one's comment? (I mean, click and select Improve)

        1. KKajake2014-02-02 16:07:03.275Z

          What happens with the repleis to the deleted comment? I suppose the authors will become uppset if they have spent a lot of time to respond.

          1. UKajMagnus @user_1452014-02-09 19:04:36.904Z

            The replies wouldn't be deleted. There would be a placeholder comment with text like "Comment deleted by author" in place of the deleted comment, which the replies would then be replying to.

            1. In reply toKajake:
              UKajMagnus @user_1452014-02-14 00:54:24.870Z

              Hmm, even better than deleting the comment, could be to allow the author to disavow the comment, that is, have his/her name removed from the comment. That should be enough in most cases, and won't destroy the context.

              1. K2kajake2014-02-15 17:48:10.821Z

                Yes, I agree

            2. In reply touser_145:
              UPiotr @user_1612013-06-20 11:11:05.546Z2016-06-15 05:57:49.199Z

              @ editing I can improve comment by anyone. But even for my own comments I need to wait for the approval.

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            In reply touser_161:
            Piotr @user_1612013-06-19 09:47:19.740Z

            The need of clicking Preview before posting is counterintuitive (+ require one more click). Could Post as X do Preview automatically?

            1. UKajMagnus @user_1452013-06-19 20:39:36.633Z

              Now I think I'd better simply enable the Submit button directly, so one can choose to skip the preview. (Some other people have suggested this as well.)

              From the beginning, the system actually worked somewhat in the way I think you suggested — except that the Post as X button was entitled Preview, and after a click on the Preview button, the submit button appeared. But people were confused by this.

              1. In reply touser_161:
                UKajMagnus @user_1452013-06-23 21:00:08.392Z

                I just changed this so that people don't need to click Preview at all.

                This is actually how things already works when one posts a new comment, anyway.

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                In reply touser_161:
                Piotr @user_1612013-07-02 21:46:52.990Z

                Full message text (with date and author) in the e-mail notification.

                1. UKajMagnus @user_1452013-07-11 09:29:33.666Z

                  Fixed now. (But I haven't upgraded the server yet.)

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                  In reply touser_161:
                  Piotr @user_1612013-07-02 21:47:44.241Z

                  Once author gets approved ONCE (s)he is approved ALWAYS.

                  (Otherwise it is extremely annoying and counterproductive.)

                  1. UKajMagnus @user_1452013-07-12 09:32:53.438Z

                    I've fixed this now. (I'm fairly sure I have fixed it. I've added some test cases as well :-))

                    (And, if a comment is flagged, additional comments by that user will be put in the moderation queue, until the flag has been reviewed.)

                    1. ULukas @user_1772013-07-22 23:03:41.242Z

                      I registered, posted one comment (which is shown as normal), and then accidentally clicked "Report" on my own comment, but subsequentially selected "Cancel" in the pop-up dialog.

                      I posted a second comment, which is now shown as "Text pending approval.". Is this the intended behavior?

                      1. UKajMagnus @user_1452013-08-14 16:48:41.079Z

                        The computer preliminarily approves your first comment (or perhaps two first comments). Any further comments are not approved, however, until at least one comment has been manually reviewed and approved.

                        (It's not related to the accidental clicking of "Report".)

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                    In reply touser_161:
                    Lukas @user_1772013-07-22 22:55:40.956Z

                    Give visitors (even when not logged in) the option to enable/disable the Utterscroll functionality, and (optionally) to change the sensitivity of the mouse for scrolling.

                    1. UKajMagnus @user_1452013-08-03 10:28:53.904Z

                      Would it be okay to instead have and option to toggle horizontal layout on/off? An if it's off, Utterscroll could be disabled.

                      By the way, do you use a mouse? Or some touchpad?

                      I suppose you want Utterscroll to scroll slower?

                      Thanks for the feedback :-)

                      1. ULukas @user_1772013-08-05 18:33:49.154Z

                        I kind of like the horizontal layout, and would not want to disable it.

                        My major problem with Utterscroll is that the website moves (much) faster than the mouse cursor under it, and thus makes hand-eye coordination much harder (at least for me).

                        Otherwise, it (Utterscroll) is a great feature for efficiently scrolling a larger page.

                        1. UKajMagnus @user_1452013-08-14 16:57:49.418Z

                          Okay. I've gotten that feedback from someone else too. — Can you think of a nice user interface for changing the scroll speed?

                          I'm thinking that there could be a tiny CSS-position-fixed scrollbar or checkbox in some corner. (And in that corner there could also be a checkbox for toggling horizontal/vertical layout.)

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                      In reply touser_161:
                      Lukas @user_1772013-07-22 23:01:18.810Z

                      When a user who is not logged in presses "Post as ...", and then subsequently provides his or her account details, do no immediately send the post the user was editing.

                      Instead, just change the "Post as ..." button to "Post as ", and give the user the ability to press the button themselves again.

                      This prevents users from accidentally selecting/posting with the wrong accounts, as well as preventing unfinished posts from "escaping".

                      1. UKajMagnus @user_1452013-08-03 10:32:50.041Z

                        But there's a cancel button in the login dialog, which you can use if you accidentally click "Post as...". Isn't that enough :-)

                        I'm thinking that it would be confusing to have to click "Post as" twice? And that people in general do intend to submit the comment, when they click "Post as...".

                        1. ULukas @user_1772013-08-05 18:18:19.650Z

                          I retried it, and I think I know what my real problem was:

                          I logged in with Google, so the buttons I had to click were: "Post as ..." (Website) -> "Google" (Login popup) -> "Login" (Google popup)

                          When I clicked "Login" in Google window, the comment was posted, and the two popups were closed.

                          My problem was that I didn't expect the "Login" button to directly send the message, mainly because:

                          1. it was labeled "Login" and not "Login & Post", and
                          2. because I didn't expect an action in the Google window to cause an action in the main window, apart from logging in.
                          1. ULukas @user_1772013-08-05 18:26:01.948Z
                            1. The 1st login popup window (belonging to your website) only mentioned "Who are you?" and "Login with Google, Open ID, ...", and offered a button called "Login" - which I IMO reasonably expected to log me in, and nothing beside that.

                            No offense :-)

                            1. UKajMagnus @user_1452013-08-14 16:51:26.763Z

                              Thanks for the explanation! I think that I ought to change the wording.

                            2. In reply touser_177:
                              UKajMagnus @user_1452013-08-14 16:50:42.349Z

                              Okay now I understand. Thanks for explaining. I also think that "Login & Post" (or something like that) is better. (I suppose I cannot do anything about Google's login dialog and text though.)

                              1. In reply touser_177:
                                UKajMagnus @user_1452013-08-25 20:46:59.832Z

                                I've just changed the button title from "Login" to "Login and Submit". — If you have any follow up comments or additional suggestions, I'd be interested.

                                (I chose "Submit" rather than "Post" since "Submit" perhaps works better when one submits an edit suggestion, not a new comment.)

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                            In reply touser_161:
                            Lukas @user_1772013-07-22 23:09:39.932Z

                            When hiding a comment (by clicking the up-down arrow on the left side of the title), also collapse the comment horizontally, instead of just vertically, to make the best use of the available screen space.

                            1. UKajMagnus @user_1452013-08-03 10:34:50.691Z

                              Yes I've been thinking about that too. I'll try to find time to fix that :-) I don't know when though...

                              1. In reply touser_177:
                                UKajMagnus @user_1452013-08-25 20:55:15.719Z

                                "Fixed" :-) I removed the collapse button.

                                I'm thinking that if a thread is boring, people can downvote it instead of collapsing it, and in that way it'll get less visibility. Also, the page looks a lot less cluttered without all collapse buttons :-). And... I'm thinking it's a bit tricky to collapsed threads horizontally in a way that looks nice and is easy to understand (?). There could be no "Thread collapsed, click to expand" user friendly message, because then the thread would suddenly be rather wide anyway :-(

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                                In reply touser_161:
                                KajMagnus @user_1452013-10-19 14:48:25.893Z

                                Vertical layout.

                                Let people toggle between vertical and horizontal layout, and make it possible for admins to specify that vertical layout be the default.

                                I'm thinking about waiting with implementing this until Angular-Dart is available and I've ported all Javascript to Dart. So I can avoid writing error prone Javascript + jQuery HTML manipulation code.

                                1. UKajMagnus @user_1452014-05-03 00:07:51.104Z

                                  Implemented :-) Without AngularDart, only some CSS.