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Discounts and Old Plans, scroll down.

About "Later" features below:

It might take  long  until they're available.  Still, maybe interesting for you to know a bit what's planned, and in which price plans they'll appear?


 3 EUR / month
per coworker*
  • External members: Unmetered.
    For example, customers of yours,
    or club / community members.


    • Question-Answers
    • Upvote ideas
    • Permission system
    • Moderation tools
    • Later: AI moderation


    • Assign tasks
    • Later: About-user notes
    • Later: Internal comments
    • Later: Message templates


    • Password Log-In
    • Social Log-In: Gmail, Facebook etc


    • Community forum


 5 EUR / month
per coworker*

Min €25 / month (5 coworkers)
All in Community, plus:


    • Custom domain
    • Custom user groups
    • Custom Terms of Use
    • Later: Custom outgoing email address

Single Sign-On

    • OpenID (OIDC)
    • Azure AD, ADFS


    • Read-write API. Webhooks
    • Later: Chat integrations e.g. Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams


    • Forum & email


 8 EUR / month
per coworker*

Min €120 / month (15 coworkers)
All in Startup, plus:

User sync

    • Later: SCIM user provisioning
    • Later: LDAP user and group sync


    • Later: Priority email support
      if you pay at least 120 / month
      in total after discounts


Email us:
sales at
All in Business, plus:

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Custom legal agreements
  • SAML Single Sign-On
  • Professional services
  • Dedicated hosting

  • * Co-workers are people paid by your organization, e.g. employees, contractors. And moderators, admins and core members. By default, users who log in with Single Sign-On (SSO) are assumed to be co-workers. And users with the same email domain as your organization domain name, for example Later: Inactive coworkers won't count (those who haven't used Talkyard the relevant billing month). — Other members are for free (unmetered). When more coworkers join, you get an email with a confirmation button before getting billed more.
  • ** If you downgrade, you can't add new integrations, but any you've created already will continue working.

Prices are excluding VAT.   Pay using PayPal or cards (including Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay, and Mada), or if you want, wire transfer once a year.

Confusing? Ask us, we might know:

All plans include

Daily off-site backups. HTTPS. Email service: 1000 emails, storage: 100MB, unmetered page views — per €2.5 paid / month (discounts do not apply. You do not need to upgrade to another price plan — you can just pay more in small €2.5 increments).

Go over the limits — it's fine. We'll contact you and tell you when it's time to upgrade to the next price plan. Then you can do that, when you have time, within two months.

Discounts, 30%, for:

Startups, if you haven't gotten your first paying customers yet. Email us: sales at

Non-profits. You should hold a charitable status with the tax agency in your country (e.g. 501(c)(3) in the US), or a local TechSoup Global partner. Your organization should be non-government, non-academic, non-commercial, non-political in nature, and have no religious affiliation. Volunteers are for free (unless they are moderators, admins or core-members).

Education. Go here instead.

Maybe others, email us: sales at

Lower-income countries:

Up to 60% discounts (to a combined max 72% discounts). If your organization and most members are in lower-income countries. For example, India is, as per the World Bank, a lower-middle income country (year 2022): around 40% discounts.

No credit card needed

The first month is a free trial. Thereafter, we'll email you about how to pay.

You can stop paying at any time, without contacting us. We'd appreciate if you contact us though and tell us why you cancel.

Old plans

You can use these price plans instead, if you signed up before 2023-12-10.
And these, if you signed up before 2022-06-01.
And these, if you signed up before 2021-06-10.
And these, if you signed up before 2021-05-14.
And these, if you signed up before 2020-02-06.
And these, if you signed up between 2019-08-26 and 2019-09-16.
And these, if you signed up before 2019-08-26.