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Question-Answers for your Teams

Capture answers, to help with:

  • Onboarding new team members
  • Avoiding repetition
  • Customer Q&A
  • Knowledge for Support, Operations, Sales
  • Insight for management
  • Shared vision & consensus

Sarah is the IT system administrator. Joe, Jane and Jasmine ask, via email, in person and in Slack: "How do I connect to the wireless printer?" Sarah answers, three times: "Like so: ..."

A year passes. Sarah leaves and starts her own company. Chris, a new hire, asks the new sysadmin: "Can you help me with the wireless printer?"

The new sysadmin: "We have a wireless printer?"


Naima, the new team lead, asks the others in her team how to read work email on her phone. They don't know. She cannot think of anyone else to ask, and never gets help.


Talkyard fixes the problems above:

People find answers, at your company's Talkyard forum, without having to ask anyone. When someone posts a new question (that hasn't been answered already), then, those who can answer it, get notified. They post answers. The good answers rise to the top (because of Like votes), and one answer can be marked as the solution.

Talkyard: A self building knowledge base.

You'll free time for your teams — no more repetitive questions.

Encourage openness and collaboration, by connecting developers, designers, sales, marketing, support, operations and management, with each other, and the answers they need.

(You can also have open ended discussions, to discuss ideas and meeting notes, for example. And there're chat features, which you can disable, if you use Slack already.)

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