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Translate into Russian

By Vladimir Lobyntsev @Ecolog
    2019-10-22 03:23:03.852Z

    Make a translation into Russian

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    1. Good idea :- ) I don't speak Russian, but if you know someone who does and wants to translate, then, the instructions:

      (steps 1 and 2 only). There's a CLA:

      1. NEugene @Noobchenko
          2019-11-07 17:59:58.398Z

          I translated into Russian.
          Translation file in folder ru_RU

          I would be very happy if you add russian translation )

          1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-11-08 15:18:42.481Z2019-11-08 15:25:58.023Z

            Ok :- ) I'll include in the next release, hopefully some time next week.

            Can you please sign the CLA? By squashing the commits, and appending this to the Git commit message:

            I, Your Full Name <your@email.address>, agree to the Contributor License Agreement, docs/CLA-v2.txt.

            (see: )

            Or alternatively, just reply here to me that you agree to the CLA, i.e. this:

            (It's better if you squash the commits and edit the commit message — then i can include the translations in the main Git repository, which is slightly more convenient, when making updates, later.)

            1. NEugene @Noobchenko
                2019-11-08 18:50:31.356Z

                It seems to be done, check.

                1. This looks fine & works fine, I've tested the translations on localhost now. (I noticed just a few tiny typos, e.g. an extra trailing . somewhere — I'll fix that later.)

                  What if you squash the commits to just one commit, and keep the "I ... agree to the Contributor License Agreement ..." commit message, and then you submit a PR? Then I'll merge it.

                  1. NEugene @Noobchenko
                      2019-11-16 18:08:37.840Z

                      I am not familiar with the work of GitHub. You want me to add a message "I ... agree to the Contributor License Agreement ..." in file ??

                      1. Summary: Now I've included the translation.


                        Thanks for asking — actually, no, you don't need (and shouldn't) do that. You already did the CLA related things in the right way :- ).
                        Namely by appending "I agree ..." to a commit message, not any text file.

                        This is just about sending a request from your GitHub repo fork, to my GitHub repo, so I can click a button and in that way include all your "code" / translations.

                        ... Now ... It turns out I too can create a pull request (I just noticed). I just did, here:

                        And, GitHub has a Squash and merge button, which will squash all your commits into one — so GitHub can do that, and we won't need to.

                        (I prefer having all the commits squashed / "brought together" into just one commit, so the commit history looks prettier / cleaner.)

                        I've now merged the PR I created, and the translation will be included in the next release (hopefully some day next week).

            2. Progress
              with doing this idea
            3. I had to re-do the merge, because GitHub somehow deleted original author info.

              Here's the PR, squashed and merged, with correct original-author info:

              Ok so now the Russian translation has been merged, ... will be included in the next release.

              ( @Noobchenko)

              1. @KajMagnus marked this topic as Started 2019-11-17 05:28:52.151Z.
              2. @Ecolog and @Noobchenko — now there's a new version, with Russian included:

                1. @KajMagnus marked this topic as Done 2019-11-23 12:12:43.013Z.
                2. E
                  Vladimir Lobyntsev @Ecolog
                    2019-12-05 14:20:06.618Z

                    Hello. I install according to the instructions but I have version 6.49 and there is no Russian translation

                    1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2019-12-05 23:58:55.391Zreplies toEcolog:

                      Hi @Ecolog, I didn't bump the GitHub version number yet (because I wanted to give other self-hosted people some time to enable a certain Google People API, which is in the same new version).

                      Once I've bumped this version number, your server will auto upgrade to 0.6.51 which includes Russian.

                      Sorry I could probably have been more clear about this. I can bump the version number tomorrow Saturday I would think, maybe today.

                      1. Hi again @Ecolog now I bumped the version number for the self hosted Docker images. So this night your Talkyard installation should self-upgrade to v0.6.51, which includes Russian. — If you want to upgrade directly, you can:

                        sudo -i
                        cd /opt/talkyard