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Staff badge (and potentially other badges)

By Christian Scheuer @chrscheuer2020-10-26 18:49:21.718Z

Would it be possible to consider a feature in which Staff members could have badges / icons next to them?

In our case, so far I've been using our company logo as my profile picture on the forum. But now we're starting to add more Staff members, so we can't keep using the logo as a profile picture to distinguish Staff from normal users.

Would it be possible to add a small Staff badge (some type of icon preferred) to posts made by staff members?

Edit: Perhaps it could even be made so that admins can set a link to a badge icon on each user's profile.. (but not allowing users to set this themselves)

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  1. KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-10-31 08:09:55.732Z2020-10-31 08:23:46.082Z

    Yes, maybe now soon — I'm thinking about implementing tags for pages, and badges for users, at the same time.

    Seems it's a bit the same thing: adding a property name + optional property value, to something, be it a user or a page (or a category). And if added to a user, this prop-name-(value) would work as a user badge, and if added to a topic, would work as a topic tag.

    (A property / badge added to a group, say, a "Team" badge added to "Core members", would get inherited by everyone in the group, and by default appear as a user badge, next to one's name)


    1. CChristian Scheuer @chrscheuer2020-10-31 11:41:00.702Z

      That would be amazing! Let me know when/if you need any input/feedback on the tag system.

    2. In reply tochrscheuer:
      KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-10-31 08:21:54.183Z2020-10-31 08:35:42.663Z

      How badges work in Drupal:

      By Richard Blackborder on 6 June 2005, updated 29 October 2015

      The User Badges module allows each user to be assigned 'badges' which can be displayed as a series of iconic images.

      A popular use is to display the badges along with the user's information within forums, comments, or node postings. These badges can be assigned individually by the administrator or attached to a role so that, for example, all users in the 'admin' role will show the 'Administrator' badge which could display as a graphic letter 'A'.

      Any badge can optionally be associated to a URL that links the image to a description page. If a user has more than one badge, there is also a mechanism that allows administrators to only show the highest-level badge. You can also set a special badge for blocked users and even override their role badges with this one.

      User Badges can be used as a way to establish trust (in the same way as eBay's star graphics), or as an incentive for users. They can also be a quick way to identify moderators, administrators, or anyone with a given role.

      And at BuddyPress,

      • Icon badges (and/or text too I presume).
      • Sort badges:- Sort using drag and drop: admins contrl badge order on users' profiles.
      • Badges per member type (whatever that is) and roles (role = group in Talkyard?).
      • Deactivate badges (hides them until activated again?).
      • Edit / show? a person's badges page.
      • Badge Position: Show before or after name.

      Discourse and StackOverflow
      use badges for gamification: the software gives badges to people and one can get many badges of the same type. Plus "normal" badges created by staff, like at Drupal and BuddyPress and elsewhere.

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        with doing this idea
      2. @KajMagnus marked this topic as Planned 2020-10-31 08:10:00.632Z.