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Improvements for Teachers and Students

By KajMagnus @KajMagnus2020-03-01 07:23:10.835Z2020-03-01 07:42:08.097Z

Here're things schools and teachers have asked about and that I have in mind to implement:

  • "create invite links  [not emails, but URL links]  that already have the group memberships defined. That way a student just uses the link and auto-enrolled into the required groups"

  • Custom login form: Show the name of the community, not just "Sign up with ...".

  • Custom login form: A challenge question? E.g. ask about a well known landmark, near the school, which all students know about. But that "the wrong people" in far-away-elsewhere don't know about. This topic: (This is not yet decided if it'll get implemented. Invite Links (see above) might be good enough? and more people ask for that. )

  • User badges: So one sees at a glance if other people in the community, are teachers or students / which class, or alumni. This topic:

  • Anonymous questions. Someone wrote: "I will definitely be enabling the anonymous question option, as it's more important to me that students ask questions than who's actually them asking them."   A discussion with mockup design: (started by a company (not a school) who also was looking for anon questions)

  • Unpublished pages: Having a staff / teachers only category, where the teachers write articles together. Then, once an article ready, they move it to a forum category the students can see — and then, the students get notified  BUT this last step: that they get notified, currently doesn't happen, because the page gets moved not created.

  • Hiding revision history. Students might write weird things, and then it's good if someone can edit and remove that, and hide those revisions from the edit history. This topic:

  • Easy MathJax support and source code syntax highlighting, by clicking feature checkboxes (instead of the forum admins having to add <script> tags and CSS)

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