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SupportKAD4682021-01-27 20:44:30.962Z
Embedding Talkyard / Custom Template

I am looking for a replacement for discourse and talkyard seems like a top contender, but I would like the design of the forum to be fully integrated into my website. So I have a couple questions: Is it possible to embed talkyard on another page, lik...

SupportA2A242021-01-25 11:04:23.224Z
"Not found" on forum link previews too often

Hi Magnus, If you take a look at this: Quoting a search on the forum shows "Not found". Just like it does for items it can't have access to. It would be better IMO if it didn't say "Not found". Just show the l...

IssuesC12021-01-25 09:04:54.485Z
Retina screenshots are double in size

Hi @KajMagnus Take a look at something like this page: I copy-pasted a screenshot on the Mac directly into the forum, but the screenshot appears as double the size. This is because the screenshot is coming fro...

IssuesC12021-01-22 14:23:15.252Z
K8s, Swarm, Traefik and Talkyard

It'd be good if Talkyard was simple to configure together with Kubernetes and Docker Swarm. And Traefik or Caddyserver (proxy servers with automatic HTTPS). Maybe these could be the first steps: (or "all" that's needed?) Provide a sample Docker-Compo...

DevelopmentHGC222021-01-21 09:28:45.798Z
log in pop up options

i'm setting up blog comments for the first time. viewers have told me they don't want to create a new account. in settings, i clicked - allow to post with name or as guest. the log in button at the top of the comment frame opens the standard create a...

SupportKK122021-01-20 03:53:02.038Z
Questions regarding this forum

I have had an educational group for late stage cancer and Lyme patients on Facebook for about a year. The group is truly non-profit and designed to help people improve their quality of life and give them hope of new and unknown treatments that may ex...

SupportP22021-01-18 09:03:29.883Z
Make it possible to translate emails

Currently Talkyard's user interface can be translated to other languages — need to make email translatable too (incl email subject line I suppose).

Issues22021-01-18 02:19:34.445Z
What's missing in Talkyard

Here are things relatively many ask about, and that have not yet been implemented: Custom groups — now available, June 2019. You can add people to a group, and configure security permision and notification settings for everyone in the group at once. ...

SupportWDF362021-01-14 20:31:40.175Z
Integrating static site and institution SSO (which runs on Apache)

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish: I have a static website on a subdomain of my institute. I currently use Rmarkdown and hugo to build that content. I'd prefer not to use an iframe for talkyard since it makes the user experience pretty terrible. I...

SupportEE42021-01-12 17:20:49.751Z
Explain icons...
CORS error while loading Blog Comments

I have my blog running at and I'm trying to use Talkyard for the first time. The moment page loads, console is bombarded with multiple CORS error upon trying to load the fonts. Is there any setting that I may have missed whic...

IssuesP42021-01-11 21:47:32.794Z
API request: export-site-json for a single category

Hi @KajMagnus Happy new year :) We are starting to integrate Talkyard with Clickup (we switched to Clickup for project management instead of using Monday). We've now successfully used the export-site-json function in Talkyard to export all of our exi...

IdeasCC62021-01-03 14:44:35.306Z
Feature request: Keyboard shortcuts

It would be great if we could do things we do often via keyboard shortcuts. For example: Cmd+Enter: Post question. C: Compose new question R: Reply E: Archive (mark closed for example) J/K: Next/previous (between threads or between posts in pages) N:...

IdeasCC312021-01-02 22:33:17.697Z
Access to talkyard directly as non admin for embedded blog comments only

Can someone who's not an admin access the forum and see all comments when logged in? As they can see on the website? Because I want some parts of the blog to be exclusive to sustain members. Or could I do such a thing through Talkyard using it's memb...

Support52021-01-02 22:00:16.457Z
Bug report: Keyboard shortcut dialog error

Hi @KajMagnus I just received this when I pressed: c, n, h talkyard-service-worker.min.js:10 SW: Service worker v0.2020.33-f2077676b loading [TyMSWVLDNG] talkyard-service-worker.min.js:10 SW: Already a WebSocket for user 100, need do nothing. [TyMSWA...

IssuesC22021-01-02 21:56:31.245Z
Forum link embeds always show the title of the page, not the linked-to post

If for example I want to link a user directly to a post inside a page, then the embed still shows the name and summary of the page, not the post. See example:

IssuesCC32021-01-02 13:26:48.255Z
Feature request: Mark problem solutions

Right now, our users post "Problems" in our "Support" category, and "Questions" in our "How to" section. This mostly works. However, quite often, a user has posted a problem for which we find a solution. Currently, a problem can just be marked Closed...

SupportC92021-01-02 12:57:35.856Z
Displaying multiple links causes bad formatting

I think it should be possible to list links on multiple lines like this and have it formatted slightly better :)

IssuesC22021-01-02 12:54:18.403Z
Translate to Dutch

Hi, I would like to translate Talkyard to Dutch. I am on GitHub. But how does it work? How can I contribute? I suppose to copy a directory and put a new file with the translation? How to do that? I try to figure out GitHub, ... Many thanks, Rudi

Support122021-01-02 11:37:05.480Z
Are other languages than English supported?

Original title: А есть ли поддержка другого языка? проверка поддержки нескольких языков (не обращайте внимание ) — That means sth like: "check for multi-language support (ignore)" Edited by KajMagnus: I renamed the title to English, and added the abo...

SupportV72020-12-17 17:38:00.824Z
Sample OpenConnectID(ODIC) JSON script to enable SSO via Azure AD

Hi, I was trying to enable SSO using an option 'Custom OIDC or OAuth2'. It requires us to write a JSON config script to enable SSO via Azure AD. Can someone please share a sample script we can use to enable SSO via Azure AD? I am trying a json script...

SupportB52020-12-15 16:33:19.403Z
SSO/AzureAD & require verified email

We have SSO working with Azure AD. We disable Require verified email, but new users still get the message dialog that they will need to click an email verification link. Users are still able to login and use without a verification email (e.g., disabl...

IssuesP242020-12-15 16:16:02.272Z
Feature request: Webhooks

We'd love to be able to make automations that react to actions the users take on our forum. For example, we'd like to create items on a board in or Trello whenever a new page/thread is made in certain categories of the forum. We'd also lik...

IdeasCC22020-12-07 10:00:02.622Z
Restrict allowed upload file types, default to images only

Talkyard by default shouldn't let people upload anything else than images — most other file types are a bit risky, e.g. some PDF readers can ececute embedded Javascript. Seems this will be fixed in the next or next-next version. I'm making allowed up...

Issues22020-12-05 11:46:09.590Z
Air gapped Talkyard

It'd be nice if Talkyard could just work, in an air gapped network. Maybe problems: Talkyard currently might want to download a font from Talkyard also does a request to Did I add the config value to prevent...

IdeasI42020-12-03 19:24:04.888Z
Paste to Upload

Currently a user must save/upload an image into Talkyard for it to be displayed. In things like DokuWiki and Bookstack there is the option to paste the contents of the clipboard and upload it immediately. Can this be implemented or a similar solution...

IdeasCJP2C172020-12-03 12:33:36.153Z
Getting mail notifications with junk mail format (

Hi Magnus, When there is a notification from talkyard we get email notification as some ex:, is there any way to configure as . Sometime emails are of kind g...

SupportB32020-12-01 16:40:24.661Z
Possible to group notifications by page/thread?

Hi Magnus. My notification drop down is starting to look more and more like this :) While it's nice that I'm now getting notified as soon as I've joined a page/thread, it would be great if multiple notifications from the same page/thread would be col...

SupportCC42020-11-27 03:23:36.297Z
Users unable to sign in

Hi, For some reason, new users are unable to sign in this morning. They get this error: Error 403 Forbidden Participant 118 may not see page 39 [TyE305KDJW2] When I look at the app logs, this is what occurs: app_1 | DEBUG API request exception: Resul...

IssuesP262020-11-26 22:07:13.140Z
Look and feel as code

Is there any mechanism to specify the Talkyard look and feel (specifically the custom CSS and JS) through code/configuration? For reference, I am deploying Talkyard to AWS through Terraform and Ansible and would like to capture our syntax highlightin...

SupportJ32020-11-21 12:40:27.362Z
Where to add custom CSS

Hello, first of all, I want to say thank you. I have searched all day for a comment system that can be integrated with Gatsby, that is not as bloated as something like Disqus, looks decent, has nested comment functionality, and does not start at 10€+...

SupportBF62020-11-18 19:03:28.763Z
Changing the colors

How to edit CSS to change the colors, to match your main website / your top header / your blog. Later, there'll be a user interface for this, so you won't need to edit any CSS code. Also, currently, the arrow background is white so if you change the ...

SupportCFR102020-11-14 14:31:45.209Z
Server recommendation for 100 users

What server configuration would you recommend for 100 users?

SupportP2P262020-11-11 19:43:28.323Z
Notification drop down - reduce clicks?

Hi Magnus, Now that we have global preferences for notifications for topics we have participated in - YAY!!! - I find myself wanting to often quickly switch off notifications from a thread. This may sound like the opposite of before - in fact, it's t...

SupportCC42020-11-10 10:21:22.305Z
Markdown: strikethrough

Does Talkyard support ~~ strikethrough ~~? It doesn't seem to work with ~~: strikethrough Thanks!

SupportP2P222020-11-04 16:06:27.888Z
SSL Certificate generation on hosted version

Hello ! We just subscribed to hosted plan. We add a CNAME to our hosted talkyard, but the certificate is not up to date. I read you are using Let's Encrypt to generate a certificate, so maybe it takes some time ? Current custom domain: https://commun...

SupportII22020-11-03 21:49:52.535Z
Server error when trying to get zxcvbn.js

I'm setting up Talkyard in Azure. So far, only http to test it. When I click continue I get: Has the server stopped? Or did you just get disconnected from the Internet? Or is the hostname or port number wrong, cross-origin request blocked? [TyE0SRVR]...

IssuesP2P252020-11-02 16:33:41.509Z
Styling login and wrapper; payment details

Hey, it's me again. I have managed to style almost everything that I wanted to style with the exception of the comments-wrapper, which appears grey: It seems this div has its style set inline and I was not able to change its style so I wanted to ask ...

SupportBB42020-11-02 15:38:35.404Z
Staff badge (and potentially other badges)

Would it be possible to consider a feature in which Staff members could have badges / icons next to them? In our case, so far I've been using our company logo as my profile picture on the forum. But now we're starting to add more Staff members, so we...

IdeasCC32020-10-31 11:41:00.702Z
Notification settings for threads

Hi @KajMagnus Apologies, I can't seem to find the thread we were discussing this in. The default notification setting for threads in which only direct replies will give a notification is causing me to miss an increasing amount of important replies fr...

IssuesCC62020-10-27 12:28:20.505Z